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Continuous Updates

#Before The Bell- This page is used to alert the public of important news events before the market opens and also alert the traders to stock that are about to gap open higher or lower with unusual activity. We also monitor the S&P futures and alert the traders as to which direction the markets may be heading in the morning.
#Intraday Updates- We use this page to alert the traders throughout the day to any breaking news events, and to stocks that are about to make a move due to unusual activity. We also keep the traders up to the minute on the overall market conditions. We also use this page to alert the traders to the most active sectors and any stocks that are making new highs. We also update the traders to supports and resistance level of S&P, the DOW, Nasdaq, and individual stocks.
#After-Hour Updates- On this page we alert our patrons to any important news that were released after the close. Any important earnings releases and a recap of the days market events. We also alert you to stocks that are worth monitoring for the next day.


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