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#After-Hour Updates- The major U.S. indexes are pointing to a lower opening on Thursday. Renewed credit concerns are engulfing the markets, as interventions by central banks are making traders nervous. Additionally, traders may also harp over a steeper than expected increase in producer prices. Lehman Brothers (LEH), which is the first investment bank to report its fourth quarter earnings score card, posted a decline in earnings but steel beat analyst estimates. Strong retail sales growth may mitigate some of the weakness.

#Morning Brief- For today's important news/events that may effect your portfolio, Track the The major U.S. index futures, The commodity space and daily information about stocks that are in the news.
#CLOSING WRAP-UP- Get the daily lowdown on the mood of the marketplace with specific tips on stocks on the move and profitable market strategies from the trading team. Our company is designed to provide educational trading products of the highest caliber for your benefit. We are professional traders that also teach trading strategies.
#Chart Standouts- There are thousands of stocks that move higher or lower on any given day. In this section we select only a few stocks with unusual volume, breaking through important supports and resistances, new highs, reversing trends, and stocks that are trading higher/lower with increased volume without any corporate news or analyst comments, etc. We have learned from the past that such stocks generally tend to release some significant news in the following sessions.
#Free Financial Headline Viewer !!!- This program is developed for viewing and auto updating Financial News Headlines. The design is better than most major vendors that cost high monthly fees (Bloomberg, ILX and others). This can be a good alternative and one with better GUI features such as custom selection of font colors, key word alerts, update intervals, headline coloration by source, save select headlines to XML or PDF, email functionality and many others. Also the audio alert comes in handy for matching headlines to custom keywords, a must for busy professionals. This program is an ideal alternative for people doing investing or dealing with up to the minute financial news. Not every financial news service are infallible. Having an alternative or a replacement in place ensures the best effort in mitigating loses/damages due to downtime. The Headline Viewer is to the point and well featured program.
#Strategy Sessions- The philosophy behind the suite of Optionetics Publications is to make you a better, more informed, trader. It really is that simple. We want you to be able to recognize and place trades that are low risk and carry a high potential for reward. No gimmicks, just a simple concept that when applied can make all the difference in your personal level of success as a trader.
#Harry Boxer, The Technical Trader- - The day started out with some backing and filling in the morning.  They had a mid-morning rally that took the NDX out above its 1690 double-top from last week and extended the 2 -month rally to new highs, eventually getting to just under 1700, at 1698.38, today's high.  The S&P 500 similarly advanced but could not take out its high from last week, and both indices pulled back over the last hour with a slight firming over the last 15 min.
#AfterHourTrades HotSheet- - Stocks to Watch, Top 50 Advancers and Decliners, Stocks Breaking out, updated daily, click to see today's hotsheet stocks. Stop back daily to view our hotsheet , post a message, tell a friend, our site is updated daily with fresh information!  More.....
#S&P Futures- Futures trading, S&P 500, E-MINI, NSDQ100, E-NASDAQ, see where all these and more indexes are trading, this could give you an indication of where the markets are heading.
#Learning Made Easy- This partnership offers traders an exciting journey into the world of trading by providing comprehensive information detailing the interactive nature of stocks and options. It is our quest to teach you how to invest successfully by applying winning option strategies and avoiding costly mistakes. This website is designed to provide you with stock and option fundamentals as well as strategies that enable you to navigate the markets successfully. We teach our students how to spot profitable trades and use options to manage their risk. Updated Daily!
#$5.00 and Under-  This page is designed for traders who look for stocks that are below $5 and are starting to move with increased activity. From time to time we do post information on stocks that have climbed above $5 within the last 30 days. This section was added to our regular services on the request of many of our patrons.
#Signal Watch (Market Technical)- The Dow got the downside break from the tight consolidation this morning and turned down within the current downtrend, seen in the 15 Minute Chart. The break below 9,300 further weakened the index and sent the Dow trending lower within the clear channel that has formed throughout the current downtrend, seen in both the 15 and 60 Minute Charts.
#Get the tools you need to make your move in the market- "Trade" in a simulated trading environment -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a CyberTrader simulator. Without opening an account. Without risking any capital. And it's free!
#OTCBB Stocks- The OTCBB is the fastest growing stock market in the U.S. Currently, there are over 3,900 companies listed on the OTCBB. Even though the number of companies listed has temporarily gone down, the OTCBB trading volumes in dollar terms continues to go up. Let's look at 100 OTCBB Updated every 15 minutes during market hours.
#Sector Watch-  Buy, Sell, or Hold- Take a look at the bigger market picture for investors, highlighting the best and worst-performing sectors..

Please Read Our Disclaimer


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